Creativity Connects us up

I was delighted when Amie asked me to work with her on this project. Creativity is such an important aspect of life, where we create a space for our own inner impulses to come forward. It connects us. Connects us with ourselves while making, and invites the audience to connect with themselves and the world around them too.

I’ve had my own studio a few times over the years and trained in visual studies, but my arts practice is currently on the back burner while I focus on my current day job. I work as a traditional acupuncturist now, supporting people to bring the best versions of themselves in the world and I love it. I think my training in arts has taught me about accepting what we have to offer, and to consider how much we communicate in a visual way. It’s not always easy to say what we feel with words, sometimes it’s through an action that we can really share how we feel.

My life is so enriched by connecting to the communities I belong to. Spending time in spaces that stimulate my heart and mind, at engaging talks and visiting exhibitions that make me feel differently, where my perspective on the world is opened up a bit more. Watching performance poetry too, that completely captivates me, because through the poets action of being brave and giving voice to what’s in their heart, it makes me feel more, empathise more. Creativity connects us up.

To me, being creative isn’t just about being an artist, its about allowing your own inner impulses to come forward. In whatever form that is. To be kind to them, not judge them on their way out but encourage them to be what they are, and to really let them be here in the world. I think this is especially important for the LGBTQ community. Both for ourselves individually, and for each other.

So at the beginning of this exciting project, I am delighted to be given the opportunity to connect more to my community. To be touched by what is out there, and support others in connecting to it. I’m looking forward to seeing what the coming months will bring.

My warmest wishes,


(C) Rebecca Minton 2015

10629560_1507674826139821_8322881512189264010_nPhotograph by Rebecca Minton 2014

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