Review: Princess and Princess

Written by Amie Taylor, performed with Mary Price O’connor

Directed by Stella Duffy

Who doesn’t want to fall in love?

Princess and Princess is set amidst a sprawling, unforgiving urban landscape; one where you can hide and be hidden but can also play and find someone to become one with. It is between the tall, featureless buildings and upon the grey concrete paths that Amie Taylor has chosen to inject the vibrant colour and energy of this heart-warming modern fairy tale – where a princess seeks high and low for a princess to call her own.

Exploring what falling love means from the first tantalising moments, Taylor, with the support and onstage companionship of Mary Price O’Connor, invites us through a whimsical, yet questioning narrative, to not just watch, but to immerse ourselves, and become the back drop to their love story.

Having masterfully incorporated an array of imagery into this play, both fantasy and real, Taylor tells her story with the help of eels who come up from the deep and lash out, and the very real and sparkly, tiaras adorning each princess’ head.

Captivating from the off, with pacy and slick direction from Stella Duffy, and simple set design, it made me genuinely excited and ready to feel the next high or low, the constant ebb and flow, of the two princess’ journey. It was utterly delightful.

This play, made me fall in love with falling in love.

I can’t wait to watch it again, don my tiara and head out to find my own princess too.

(C) Alex Brooks 2015

Mary Price O’Connor and Amie Taylor, in Princess and Princess

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