By Nicolas Kazamia

BFI Flare ****

From the opening visuals of bright coloured candy and crayons, the childlike joy and exuberance is present throughout Nicolas Kazamia’s documentary on Pam Dore. One of the few female pornographers working in gay male porn, her story never seems to focus on her as an outsider but really encapsulates the idea of doing what you love. After suffering personal tragedy, she makes the leap from the corporate world to cocks as “Life is too short to worry about what people think.” The 24 minute film does what I really appreciate in a documentary, which is to give an honest insight into an unfamiliar world. Mr Pam, as she is known, is unfailingly positive even when speaking about some of the difficulties her chosen career can have on maintaining any kind of personal relationship. Her speech is peppered with the word “awesome” and a few minutes in, I thought her positive personality may be grating and slightly at odds with what could be a disposable industry (she speaks of her work as “bringing a happiness to a lot of people”). But Mr Pam is not some Penis Pollyanna; She truly comes across as someone who genuinely loves porn but also cares about the men she films. She encourages and works with them to gain skills to use beyond their short porn shelf life. WHAM, BAM, MR PAM may not delve the depths of a feature length documentary but it’s definitely long enough and substantial enough to provide a very satisfactory cinematic experience.

(C) Sarah Robertson 2015

Sarah is a poet and playwright who also does the 9-5 thing at Canary Wharf. A film buff with a penchant for 70s/80s horror, she is also interested in writing theatre that deals with social issues and the dark side of human nature. She is an associate artist of Shaky Isles Theatre and occasionally can be found shooting the breeze at


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