INTERVIEW: Kerry Leigh

This weekend @spoonsparkle from @lgbtqarts will be heading to L-Fest to report back on some of the exciting events taking place there this weekend. Ahead of the weekend of events Amie Taylor held a brief Q&A with Kerry Leigh, (Comedian) who will be performing at L-Fest this weekend.

AT: Thanks for talking to @lgbtqarts today Kerry. Tell us briefly about your journey in to becoming a comedian – had you always wanted to follow that path, or did it happen along the way?

KL: I’ve always been an attention seeker! I have vivid memories of playing to a small crowd in the junior school playground whilst mimicking the headteacher… Eventually had a real go whilst at Uni in Australia. Loved it, and the rest is history.

AT: What’s been your favourite gig you’ve performed yet to date?

KL: It’s a tie between L Fest, 100s of women laughing is fantastic! Brilliant atmosphere… Also debut of my solo show last year at the Women in Comedy festival so happy that people enjoyed the journey and I got a standing ovation!

AT: What are you most excited about this weekend, at L-Fest?

KL: Tricky one! Making friends, performing solo show and MCing Laughing Cows, dancing, watching bands…

AT: When and where can we see you perform at the Festival?

KL: 2:45pm Green stage Saturday for my solo show: ‘Kerry Leigh Wants to Marry Her Brother’ AND 8:30pm Sunday for Laughing Cows Comedy with a stonking line up including Zoe Lyons.

AT: Tell us in five words what audiences should expect when they come to watch your set:

KL: Fun, warmth, laughter, music, tassels!

AT: How can we keep up to date with your future gigs?

@kerryleighcomic (Twitter)

Kerry Leigh’s page (fb)

Kerry Leigh fingers

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