REVIEW – LFest Solos Feedback

By Amie Taylor (@spoonsparkle)

I was really thrilled to learn about the LFest Solos Scheme – helping those travelling solo to L-Fest to make new friends at the Festival, so as well as writing up my own reviews for L-Fest, I asked some of the Solos to share their experiences of the festival, and particularly of flying solo to the festival- This is what they had to say:

[For full L-Fest review click here]

“As a solo parent it was fantastic. Most of the festival was child-friendly, there was free childcare all day, and the Short and Girlie workshop for kids was interactive and fun. A fantastic experience.” – Miriam

“I went to LFest for the first time totally alone, I hadn’t even been to a festival before never mind a lesbian one! I didn’t know anyone going or what to expect, I’m not the most confident person in the world so this was going to be a major step out of my comfort zone! But the alternative of sitting alone on my sofa until I die was not an option either! Ticket! (Check) bag packed! (check) and a range of festival hats! Off I went.

I joined a Facebook group before I went for solos and when one girl on there suggested a Whats App group I jumped on that to! And so did lots of other girls!!!! This I think for us was a major security blanket that we all held on to, it enabled us all to relax in the knowledge that we had someone there to meet us and communicate with throughout the entire festival . there was also a solo meeting at 7.30 for all girls traveling totally alone! This was an amazing opportunity to meet new people.

I need not have worried about going alone at all! It was totally amazing and life changing for me, not only have I met a wonderful set of new friends but I also met the new me!! Brave, confident, and no longer alone.” – Sally

“My first Lfest as a solo and it certainly won’t be my last. I wasn’t on my own for long. The crew were on hand from the moment I arrived and then all through the festival. It was such a lovely relaxed atmosphere I really felt at home. Cindy has thought of everything to make sure everyone had everything they needed. The entertainment was fantastic. If anyone has doubts about going, DONT! It will be the best 3 days ever, honest!” – Chris

“My first time at LFest and i had a fantastic time. Thank you to all the ladies on the solo Facebook page for being so welcoming and supportive in coming on my own. Thank you to the crew and especially Cindy. I met people instantly and made great friends that I hope to see next year.”

– Lauren Natasha Eastwood-Roberts

“First LFest. Amazing time. Met some great women and it was fun from start to finish. Cindy and team seemed to have thought of everything. It was very well organised. The site and especially the toilets and showers were kept clean, it was well planned out and sign posted and well lit by the lovely fairy lights! Plenty of options for food and a variety of little market type stalls without being over commercialised. There were activities and entertainment to suit the audience which was a broad spectrum of ages and nationalities and included children. The crew were always around to help in any way they could. The whole thing was relaxed, friendly and soooo much fun. My friends and I were laughing non stop. We had a wonderful time. Thanks to all concerned.” April

“My first LFest and it was absolutely brilliant ! So relaxed and well organised. So many events, workshops and activities to enjoy and participate in. Great to be able to bring my dog too ! That is so helpful and the doggie day care was excellent. I have only praise for Cindy Edwards and her crew for making LFest happen ! I just hope it doesn’t get much bigger as it might loose some of its intimacy and friendly ambience. I would definitely recommend it as a wonderful event.” – Yvonne Dawson

“LFest 2015- my first time.. I can never not go back now!!! Absolutely incredible and very well organised!” – Khloe

“Simply amazing my 2nd time….it’s women at their best coming together and uniting….friendships are made and bonds are formed….we have needed this kind of networking for years….and I’m so glad it was started…very inspirational…the world is our oyster…looking forward to next year…and inspired by what Cindy Edwards..has achieved” – Deeanne

“My first festival, first camping trip. Fantastic weekend! I would never have gone if it wasn’t for the LFest Solo site and the support and encourage from seasoned LFesters and crew and, of course, the boss Cindy. Thank you!” – Sharon


Bella the dog – also having a fantastic time at LFest.  Photo by Yvonne Dawson.

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