Once a year the ICEBAR London transforms its design, using almost 40 tonnes of natural river ice to create sculptures and interior decorations.  I somehow managed to live for nearly five years in London without ever visiting the ICEBAR, which I’m now disappointed about, because it certainly makes for a great night out.

Newly reopened last weekend, with a brand new ICEBAR LONDON ROCKS theme, we were welcomed in on Monday evening to sample some of the delights on offer.  If you haven’t been to the ICEBAR before, it works in 45 minute sessions – you book a slot in the ICEBAR, but can spend the rest of the evening relaxing in the warmer bars and restaurant.  There’s a full restaurant menu, with mains priced between about £13 and £18, or bar snacks ranging from £1.50 – £11.  We were treated to sample some of the dishes from the ICEBAR kitchen, which were all rich and hearty, just what we needed to warm up following our stint in the ICEBAR.

Though the restaurant and bars have a great chilled out atmosphere and are perfect for relaxing in, the real excitement comes on entering the ICEBAR.  A skilled attendant manages to flawlessly deposit a cloak over your head by throwing it from a slight distance (hard to describe, but very exciting), and then you’re ready to enter.  It is spectacular, even the drinks are served in blocks of ice, with a well milled out of the centre.  There’s a spectacular ice skull, big enough to stand inside, designed and created by sculptor Jens Thoms Ivarsson.  You come face to face with the rock theme at every turn, with punk rock ice studs lining the bar, an image of a rock star designed by Illustrator Joey Hi-Fi carved in to the back of the bar, and cocktails with names such as November RainDirty Little Secret and Back In Black all priced between £8/£9.  We survived in there for about 25 minutes, definitely take an extra jumper though, because it’s a spectacular experience and I was loathed to leave.

I would rate it as a special occasion kind of a place, but whether you’re visiting the city, or a long term resident, you may want to consider adding ICEBAR to your bucket list, particularly to check out the new theme, it really is an extraordinarily different night out.

Go to for booking, £16.50 p/p for entry, or you can book on one of the deals including dinner.


Design by Joey Hi-Fi

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