Interview:Peter Weidmann, Les Foules Theatre

Les Foules Theatre are bringing their show Crude Prospects to VAULT Festival this February from 17-21 Feb: 6pm.  This week I caught up with Peter Weidmann, the writer of this show to find out a little more about what they’ve got in store for us this spring.

1. Tell us a little about Les Foules Theatre, and how it came to exist…

Les Foules came together over a production of Racine’s Britannicus, and snowballed from there. We definitely have an international flavour, and try to create and adapt work that plays to our performers’ strengths and reflects theirs backgrounds. We’ve worked on very distinct shows in very distinct environments, from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing at the National Theatre of Uganda to the collaboratively devised, site-specific Boxed and Bagged in the stairwell of The Bush.

2. Your new play Crude Prospects is on at Vault Festival this spring – tell us a little about the piece?

Crude Prospects arose out of a fascination with a place – the arctic. None of us has ever been there, but we didn’t want that to hold our imaginations back. It’s theatre, after all. It is a surreal, contemporary western gone north. But at its heart it deals with friendship and accepting what we cannot know for certain.

3. Why this piece and why now?

We wanted to do a completely new, original piece for this year’s VAULT Festival, and we had a few ideas going. The arctic kept cropping up for me – in news, books, documentaries, and television. With the Paris Climate Change Conference happening this year and Shell shelving some of its arctic drilling plans, what’s happening at the top of the planet was all over our collective radar. All that merged with a couple of other ideas –one of which was a desire to tell a story about friendship. I think friendships often make for more dramatically interesting relationships than love stories, but aren’t usually as common –especially female friendships.

4. What do you hope audiences will take away from watching?

I’m always happy when an audience goes away with questions. Real questions that provoke curiosity and keep bubbling up days and weeks later.

5. Describe the show in 6 words…

kicked up buddy western goes north

6. Where can we follow you on social media?


7. Where can we book tickets?

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