Article: Wotever DIY Film Festival

We are now but days away from the Wotever DIY Film Fest – a gloriously diverse and exciting LGBT+ film festival, with a little something for everyone; whether you’re interested in catching one of their many shorts, panel discussions, networking opportunities, feature films or in attending their Afternoon Tea, Cake and Porn event on the Sunday which offers a unique programme of queer feminist porn curated by Ingo Cando.

The films have been broken down in to several categories, including ‘Queers vs The Patriarchy‘, ‘Community Politics‘ and ‘Queering Families‘. There’s also the Opening Night Gala, which looks set to be fabulous.

Booking is now open for all films and events taking place across the 3rd-4th September, and the best thing is that all events are FREE to attend, so you can gorge on LGBT+ movies until your heart’s content. Booking is advisable and can be done via the website (, or clicking on the links above.

If you need any further persuading, we’ve been sneak previewing some of the films from the Queering Families section  – scroll down to read our reviews of some of the shorts on offer. (Warning, there may be spoilers).


Kimchee Fried Dumplings
This short delves beyond the impact a gay son may have on a family, to examine more closely the dynamic between siblings, the issue of caregiving in families and responsibilities that come with having older or sick parents. It’s a heartwarming, and touching contribution to the festival and well worth seeing.

My Sister’s Girlfriend
A fairly simplistic plot, though nicely tied up in 6 minutes, this film’s intention to smash through stereotypes is realised in full.  There’s a clear message, and although a seemingly homophobic parent appears to backtrack on her views fairly rapidly, it’s refreshing to watch a short LGBT film where homophobia is briefly present, but not the focus.  A sweet tale, which leaves you feeling warm inside.

An eerie and mesmerising short in which the filmmaker blends naturalistic landscapes, with shaky family film footage and discordant sounds, with over-layed voice recordings plotting her relationship with her mother, who suffered from bi-polar disorder. Jarring and captivating, it’s beautifully unnerving.



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