Review: Worst. Date. Ever.

Friday 1st October
The Glory

A timely antidote to Tinder’s swipe and dump, this was a night for those who like to converse over a glass or two of wine, bypassing the small talk and getting straight to the nitty gritty.

Despite the title, Worst. Date. Ever had a certain joie de vivre about it which was highly intoxicating and hooked you from the off.  Paula Varjack and Dan Simpson were our dynamic hosts for the evening, steering us in to and through candid conversations with our fellow audience members.  Their management of audience participation was well done and felt both welcoming and safe. As someone who at times will cringe even at the mere thought of having to forge conversation with a stranger, I found their invite an exciting challenge.

The invited acts were also a treat – Tom Marshman’s rewrite of a Britney song was highly entertaining, whilst Rachel Mars had us in stitches as she reeled off 32 worst dates collected from her friends and family.

Overall a fabulous atmosphere, and at a great venue – if you have yet to visit the Glory in Haggerston, we love it! Great pub with an intimate performance space downstairs and a wide range of events, worth checking out.

Over the next month the And What festival has a whole host of LGBT performance all over London, with many of Queer Theatre’s top names performing along the way, so be sure to check out their programme and catch something whilst it’s on.


Paula VJ.jpg











Review by AT and GC of @lgbtqarts

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