Review: The Pink Bucket (List)

Performed Jacksons Lane 10th Oct 2016

The And What? Festival continues to thrill audiences, and last Monday founder Andrew Ellerby put together a colourful line up for the Pink Bucket (List), at Jacksons Lane. An elaborate fusion of queer circus, burlesque and performance art. Hosted by Reuben R Kaye, a larger than life host, it would be impossible to fault his stage presence, singing or talents, though a derogatory comment about a lesbian techy was frustrating to hear at an LGBTQ+ event and merely highlighted the lack of women in the line-up. 

The acts were a treat, we had everything from the alluring show tunes of the fabulous Bourgeois & Maurice, to circus acts performed by an array of performers – one of my favourites was Leo Hedman’s act, in which he took aerial arts to a whole new level with his aerial plastic performance. It was a fresh new take on an old act, beautifully lit, with some unexpected surprises. A dance piece performed by Nikki and JD was a highlight, albeit a little predictable to have a straight girl falling for a gay guy – I always look to events like this to shake up those age old tropes a little. It would have, as always, been lovely to have seen more queer women, many of the women that featured felt like they were catching on to the coat-tails of the male narrative. However, this was counteracted slightly when we were treated to a feminist encore unlike any other from Lucy McKormick who had arrived fresh from a mighty success at the Fringe. Some, I imagine will find her work shocking. Me? It’s probably the most fearless performance art I ever have (and ever will?) see. She is certainly taking giant leaps in reclaiming female sexuality, watching her ascend, nearly naked, up the stairs at Jacksons Lane theatre was a treat and a finale I won’t forget in a hurry. 
The And What festival is now it its final throes, be sure to catch something whilst you can.

AND WHAT? Queer. Arts. Festival – London

(C) Amie Taylor 2016

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