Interview: Rubyyy Jones

Rubyyy Jones works across a variety of art forms, but her latest project has placed her in the director’s chair at The Arcola Theatre as she directs The X for the Arcola’s Queer Collective.

Contains swears.

AT: First of all could you tell us a little about yourself, how you came to be a director and how you came to work with The Arcola on this project?

RJ: Yes! Hello Darlings! So I’m Rubyyy Jones, performer, live artist, all round entertainer and the very lucky director for The X, an adaptation of Edouard Bourdet’s play The Captive. I’ve been involved with the Queer Collective since it’s inception and I’ve worked with Arcola on several different projects over the years, so I was very excited and happy to be approached by them to direct a piece and specifically this one.

AT: Why this piece and why now?

RJ: Nicholas Connaughton, our amazing fearless leader and the Creative Engagement director at the Arcola, suggested the play to me! I had, honestly, never heard of it and it was very interesting to me… the play itself but also the controversy surrounding it-the whole cast of the NYC production was arrested post-show and the audiences were full up with womyn- and so I said YES!

AT: Can you describe it in 6 words?

RJ: Slick. Smouldering. Sleek. Sharp. Sweet. Surrender.

AT: Who are you targeting in terms of audience for this piece?

RJ: I want to target the same audiences who turned up in droves in Paris, London and New York City; I want the: fiery femmes, beautiful butches, hot dykes, chic bois, witty womyyyn of all kinds! I want the audience to see themselves their: love, sex, orgasms, softness, limits, lust and suffering through these many loves stories… At first I thought, maybe it wasn’t still as simple as that, the visibility of womyn, lesbians, queers in love and in lust but it is, we still don’t see that. So this show is for that, for us.

AT: What do you hope people will take away from watching?

RJ: I want people to feel seen. I want people to wake up! I want people to heal. I want people to have more consensual, connected, deep and loving orgasms with themselves or someone they adore. I want queers to see this show and go home and f*** for freedom, for sovereignty and the love of it, themselves and the person or people they’re with. We are in dark times in the world, as LGBTQ+ people, as Womyn, and our love and our cunts will light the way!

AT: Anything else we should know about this production?

RJ: This is just the beginning of The X but it is a radiant and exciting one so don’t miss it!

The X is on at The Arcola Theatre, London until 13th Jan 2017.  Booking.


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