Review: Lady Bunny in Trans-Jester

4* Soho Theatre

A legend of the New York Drag scene, Lady Bunny is a fabulous performer – confident, cheeky, fun and not afraid to push boundaries. From the second she steps on stage, she mesmerises and dominates the audience, seamlessly blending utter filth with long legs and huge hair.
Bunny’s trademark patter and no holds barred songs include some well-received references to British pop culture and London drag queens, and to get the most out of Trans-Jester! you probably need to be up to speed with not only current issues of gender identity and politics, but also the Kardashians and the past seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Bunny’s swipes at fellow New York drag stalwart and Drag Race winner Bianca del Rio had the audience in stitches, and she mostly manages to balance the fine line between breathtakingly offensive and utterly ridiculous. It’s abundantly clear that Lady Bunny has a wealth of stories and experience of activism within the gay community that could take the conversation so much deeper without breaking character or audience connection, and at times it feels like she shies away from moments when we would welcome so much more of her informed reflections and thoughts. However, there’s nothing to take away from this consummate and playful performer, who knows exactly what the audience wants and gives it to them with knobs on…
Overall, Trans-Jester! is a riotous, raucous and hilarious evening that scratches the surface of the many debates swirling about the LGBTQ+ community. More please!

Lady Bunny will be back at The Soho Theatre from 12th June. Booking

(C) Naomi Paxton 2017

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