Raising Zoey at BFI Flare

Friday 17th March at BFI Flare

This heartwarming documentary follows the story of thirteen year old Zoey and her family, encapsulating her day to day life, their journey so far and her experience of starting a new course of hormone blockers. It highlights some important points, in particular the difficulties American families on lower incomes may face in trying to get these drugs for their children. However, it also celebrates the openness and support that comes from Zoey’s family, friends and healthcare professionals. I often wish film and theatre would set a precedent of how easy it could be for the world to support the LGBT community, rather than zooming in and magnifying the difficulties they face. The beauty of this film was that although she has faced many struggles, particularly the one of being allowed to self-identify at school, Zoey’s family, in particular her mum and sister, act as phenomenal role models to other families with trans children, demonstrating how to support and nurture that child. You can’t but fall a little bit in love with Ofelia, Zoey’s incredible mum, who passionately fights her corner, resistant and loyal throughout. I regularly feel that if through film and theatre we show how it could be, we can encourage others to follow suit.

Simply shot and interspersed with beautiful animations created from Zoey’s illustrations, a technique that really gives her ownership over her story in this film. An important film for a time in America when transgender rights are under attack time and time again and well worth an hour of your time. Although it has now closed at Flare, keep an eye peeled for it at other LGBT film festivals. 


Review (C) @AmieAmieTay 2017

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