Interview: Lucy Jane Parkinson

Lucy Jane Parkinson gives an astonishing performance as Joan of Arc, in the Milk Presents show JOAN. A historical piece, smashing its way in to 2017 as it dissects gender and embraces queerness in all its glory. We felt it was exactly how queer theatre should exist in 2017, so jumped at the chance to interview Lucy for LGBTQ Arts this week.

Interview by Amie Taylor (@AmieAmieTay)

AT: Tell us a little about you, your training and your journey to working in the arts…

LJP: So I’ve always been interested in a career in entertainment. I started at Rotherham College of Arts, studying performing arts, then after that I went to University at MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) where I studied contemporary theatre and performance.   Then I went straight onto doing my Masters in contemporary performance making at Brunel School of Arts where I first created my cabaret drag king alter ego LoUis CYfer.

AT: How did you come to be involved in Joan?

LJP: A miracle of modern social media platforms . Basically I was contacted on Twitter by Milk Presents from the recommendation of well-known drag queen METH. One thing led to another and before I knew it … I was JOAN !

AT: It’s an incredible piece, what have been the highlights of working on it?

LJP: Adam, Ruby, Leo and everyone else in the extended Milk Presents family. I’d have to say that it’s has been the highlight of my career because before JOAN I would always be working solo . I much more prefer working as a team !

AT: Why do you feel it’s an important show for 2017?

LJP: In all honesty I think it’s an important show  for any year ! The beautiful poetic writings and lyrics from Skilbeck make the show communicate on so many levels and the amount of the work that has gone into this show from its epic lights, bouncing beats and perfect haze shouldn’t be missed …. I’m not too bad in it either … haha .

AT: What kind of response have you received from audiences so far?

LJP: People seem to really enjoy the show in such a positive way. I like to get changed quickly and have the opportunity to engage with the discussions in the bar afterwards . And I’ve had so many interesting conversations with audience members of all ages. Young and old. But all equally mind-blowing about how they feel about gender and it’s boundaries.

AT: What’s next for you?

LJP: I’ll be Touring the U.K. With JOAN and in Sept I will be at the Camden People’s Theatre with the new Milk Presents show .. BULLISH … of course,  I’ll still be performing as LoUis CYfer at the Admiral Duncan every weds from 9:30pm-11:30pm can’t forget that little fella :).

The show is now on tour, for more details and booking info click here. 

And follow LoUis CYfer on Twitter. @koruptkabuki


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