Review: All The Things I Lied About

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The Soho Theatre

Katie Bonna enters, a prelude to the show. A self confessed fan of TED talks, she’s going to perform her own talk about the science behind lying. It will be exactly like a TED talk, but a bit longer, and she’ll be drawing on her theatrical background to eke it out beyond the 18 minutes; it looks set to be a treat – she’s even got a red TED carpet from IKEA.

The set-up is a not so subtle vehicle for Bonna to talk about the lies that have impacted her life, I’m not being critical in saying that- she admits it herself at the end. The show looks back at the lies she’s told, the big and the small, the little fibs orbiting the greater story of a vast untruth that tore her family apart during childhood. It gently nudges us to think about the deceit that may have affected our own lives, and the lasting effects it has.

She also took the personal and cleverly made it political, drawing links between Trump and Brexit gas-lighting a nation. I found I was thrown into a new way of thinking about things I already believed I’d thought to death, and it felt like she took it beyond preaching to an already converted audience.

During the show I found myself caught in a web of uncertainty as to what was true and what wasn’t, however (without giving away too much) Bonna assures us that the big lie that sits central to the story is true, even if other things aren’t. What at first seemed an entertaining evening of storytelling has become something deeper. It’s only been in the days after that I’ve come to realise the impact Bonna’s story has had on my internal monologue, as it reoccurs in my thoughts on a daily basis, as I consider the lies I frequently tell, and the bigger lies that have impacted me in the past. It’s ultimately her honesty and authenticity that hammer her message home, and leave it lingering. There’s something uncomfortable about this piece, disguised by water pistols, sweets and funny-faced Russian Dolls, it gnaws at you beneath the laughter and there’s an element that persists long after Katie’s taken her bow.

Showing at The Soho Theatre until May 6th 2017
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Review © Amie Taylor 2017 (@AmieAmieTay)


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