Calling LBTQ+ theatre makers, playwrights, artists, makers and creators.

This year the LGBTQ Arts Review are looking to platform the lesser heard LGBT+ voices.  It’s come to our attention over the past three years that some voices get much more airtime than others on our stages.    We believe it is time to widen our representation and have more diverse LGBTQ voices/stories on stage.  So we are launching a new writing and performance project: Raising our Voices.  Our aim is to support writers and performance makers from the beginnings of an idea to the stage.

If you have a story you’re bursting to tell and that you feel fits this criteria we want to hear from you , whether it’s just started, half written, or entirely finished. If you’re a theatre maker with an idea for a devised piece, or a performance / live artist with something in creation – then get in touch!

What we are looking for:

•Plays that have LGBT+ characters but are ideally not about coming out / homophobia / AIDS or other issue based narratives that are often linked to the LGBT community

•Plays that feature intersectional LGBT+ characters (characters that belong to more than one minority group). Also older LGBT characters (50+).  We are especially interested in lesbian, trans and non-binary narratives.

•Artists that identify as lesbian, bisexual, genderqueer, trans or non-binary and are seeking to make a solo / collective piece (it may or may not be about gender or sexuality).

•Theatre collectives making work about gender or sexuality

What we can offer:

We will read all of the submissions sent to us. From those received we will initially be selecting 6 pieces to come to one of two new performance nights over the summer.  The first taking place on Monday June 19th in London, and will host three of the selected pieces (2nd date for other 3 selected pieces TBC). This will give you a chance to share 10 minutes of work with a small audience, followed by a 20 min feedback conversation with them about your work, your vision, ideas etc. At this stage of the project we are unable to offer any financial assistance or incentive.

Looking forward from the new writing night we can discuss with you possible ways we can support you to continue and progress your work. These may include :

  • A reading / scratch performance of your full piece
  • A script writing workshop with a London Theatre
  • A mentor to look through your work and provide feedback
  • Setting deadlines for you to write to
  • Support in approaching venues
  • Advice/ support in assembling a theatre company
  • Advice/ support in finding ways to fund your work
  • A writing buddy (someone to meet up with and write together)
  • Connect you to actors / directors to perform your piece
  • The potential to have your work performed at one or more festivals in 2017/18
  • OR something that we haven’t yet thought of – let us know!

Apply to become a part of the Raising Our Voices Programme by downloading and completing our application form and returning it to lgbtqarts@outlook.com with an extract of your work (all details in the form).  Please write: RAISING OUR VOICES in the subject line.

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM HERE: Application Form Raising Our Voices

DEADLINE:  10am on Monday 5th June 2017

Raising Our Voices is an Arts Council Funded Scheme.

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