New Writing Night @ Arcola Theatre

When: Monday 19th June, 8-10pm
Where: Arcola Theatre (more info on getting there)
Time: 8-10pm
Cost: Free
Booking:  Not necessary, come to the Arcola for just before 8pm, we’ll be there. Any problems finding us, just ask at the Box Office. If you’d like to know anything more email Amie: and she’s happy to answer any questions.

As part of our Raising Our Voices Project, we are platforming and championing the lesser heard LGBT+ voices.  This week join us at The Arcola Theatre to hear three ten minute extracts from plays currently in development.  Join in conversation and discussion around the pieces in order to support the progression of the pieces, have a drink, have chat and meet some new creatives.

This week hear from:

Ara Bazmi:
‘Turning 18’ , a play based on a true story, about a lesbian woman’s life experience and describes the challenge of integrating her own sexuality whilst living in Iran, and how she used the medium of theatre and political activism to express herself.

Nicola Hill:
“The Panel Game” A story about a lesbian couple who are applying to be foster carers. It challenges a range of people’s prejudices and hopefully makes people think more about fostering.

Jet Moon:
“Sick Fucks” :  Is series of texts from people at the intersection of several kinds of marginalisation. Those of us who are disabled, queer, kinky, sex workers, survivors: people who the system says are ‘sick’, ‘fucked up’, ‘damaged’. Yet many of us are resisting, resilient, much political action comes from the power of survival.



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