Raising Our Voices – New Writing Night

When: Monday 10th July, 8-10pm
Where: Arcola Theatre (more info on getting there)
Time: 8-10pm
Cost: Free
Booking:  Not necessary, come to the Arcola for just before 8pm, we’ll be there. Any problems finding us, just ask at the Box Office. If you’d like to know anything more email Amie: lgbtqarts@outlook.com and she’s happy to answer any questions.

As part of our Raising Our Voices Project, we are platforming and championing the lesser heard LGBT+ voices.  This week join us at The Arcola Theatre to hear three ten minute extracts from plays currently in development.  Join in conversation and discussion around the pieces in order to support the progression of the pieces, have a drink, have chat and meet some new creatives.

This week hear from:

Jennifer Lunn – Es and Flo

A story about the lies that we tell to protect those closest to us and how they often do the opposite.

Es and Flo met at Greenham 35 years ago. Es never publicly came out – especially not to her son Peter. She is now suffering from the early stages of dementia and Peter has decided to put her in a home. We see the formation of an unusual new family as Beata and Kassia come into Es and Flo’s lives and help to keep them together.

Sassy Clyde – YouTwitFace

Charlie lives (as we all do) with her Internet Persona ‘YouTwitFace’. Throughout the action of the play, we see YTF and Charlie deal with Social Media matters/ requirements together, YTF being invisible to all but Charlie, until YTF starts to wonder if she could do Charlie’s life better than her….

Charlie is a writer – cultural /arts pieces – a younger and hungrier journalist has just started working for her publication. She feels threatened, and old. She has started to sink in to a depression – is neglecting her relationship with Rachel, and more and more starts to lean on YTF to publicize the version of herself she wishes she still was.

Kate Knight – Swinging Between the Branches

A monologue about a biro mantic, asexual person, told from the point of view of               her good friend, who is heterosexual. It’s a piece about identity, friendship and romance.

Jess Brodie and Rae Bragan

This piece examines some intricate issues affecting two female characters in a same sex relationship. It is based around the theme of visibility and seeks to exam-ine the role misogyny plays in the way todays gay women are presented and per-ceived, both within the LGBTQ+ community and outside it.


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