Interview: Ingo Cando

Ingo Cando is performing at the second of our curated evenings at The Camden People’s Theatre’s, Come As You Are Festival.  For anyone that’s ever attended a Wotever World event, you may be aware that Ingo is the founder of Wotever. We grabbed them last week to find a little more out about them, their work and what they’ll be bringing along on Wednesday 20th September.

AT: Tell us a little about yourself and your work…

IC: I’ve always done stuff, I’ve always created stuff. My mum says I haven’t changed since I was two years old, I’ve always had a streak for curiosity and moving forward with big blue eyes in the sense that anything could happen-anything is possible. And that brought me to London almost 20 years ago. I’ve also been doing a lot of things for LGBT organisations, women’s rights movement and a theatre company in Sweden. So after a while of being in London and having the chance to start up something, I had lots of thoughts and ideas about what I wanted to do. When Wotever started it was about creating a space and a place for people who were like me, we were all sorts of dykes, gay, straight, trans and everyone was in some sort of transition. Transitioning has always been a really big thing for me as in that we always move. We move from young to older, uneducated to educated, from child to being parents, we move countries, move within our bodies – one gender to another gender and/or between sexualities. So doing something in London has always felt really right. Wotever started based on being a place where people could grow and learn, be educated or educate. Skills sharing on the dance floor a little bit, by being yourself and meeting other people that aren’t like yourself, but you learn from them and they learn from you. Over the years we’ve done that with parties, club nights and performance. We work with people who have things to say. That’s my key thing. For me there’s something important about sharing stories. That single story. We all have something to say. We all have importance in this world. At Wotever World we give space and platforms for stories.

AT: And what are you bringing to Come As You Are Festival?

IC: My next big project is about to start and it’s been in the pipeline for well over a year, and I’m going to talk a little bit about that at The Come As You Are Performance, and it’s based on strategies for survival. It’s a take on my own struggles, (and some from those around me). We’re living in times where things are not only tough for people but it’s also a whole spectrum of information and fragility. Sometimes we have so many things we have to live up to, it really is overwhelming, and by not feeling okay with yourself and not finding those moments that make us go out there and think ‘Fuck I’m amazing, I’m ok, I’m beautiful, I’m totally aligned to who I am and what I’m doing and it’s brilliant. There’s so many things and issues that put us down, that sometimes it’s hard to get up in the morning. So what is it that makes us survive? What is it that makes us get up and start the day? What makes us motivated and move forward?

It’s a story inspired by my experiences as an events organiser, and having been overwhelmed what it takes for some people to come and when they do what they’re sharing and what happens. Because for me not one person is not valid, everyone is needed. So it’s going to be my thoughts about what makes this survive and what makes this continue.

And where do you see your work going from the performance at CPT?

The big project that this will become in the coming months is one where I’m talking to a variety of people, that not necessarily by age, but by wisdom, by information and insight have come to the place where they- ‘we’re living, we’re doing things’ and I suppose to look at what it is that makes us keep living and keep doing things. And I will talk to people that are creating stuff of value for other people around us. People that are putting themselves out there and saying ‘yes I believe in this!’.

Book now to see their piece as part of Raising Our Voices at Come As You Are Festival.



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