Book Review: Is Monogamy Dead

By Rosie Wilby

Is Monogamy dead? I’d been thinking on that very question the night before I came across this book so I was immediately interested into what this book had to say. The fact it was written by an award-winning comedian made me hopeful that a witty approach to the subject would make it an enjoyable read. My hopes were met and then some.

Is Monogamy Dead? is a very personal exploration of Wilby’s love life. The book starts with her at a crossroads in her relationship and then explores how she got to that point and also where does she go from there; What to do when you realise that maybe “monogamy” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and isn’t necessarily representative of what the perfect relationship should be. But this is not one of those books that are simply all about the author and their own experiences. Wilby expertly marries (ha! Bad pun alert) her personal experiences and interactions in such a way that makes you think and look at your own situation. It feels like a conversation. I loved hearing her journey and she is very open and honest throughout which was part of the strength of the writing. The book has been really well researched and considered so there is a substance to the writing alongside any humour; Don’t you love a book that makes you laugh and makes you think?

In a nutshell I really loved this book. It was one I looked forward to picking up and didn’t even mind when my train was delayed as it meant I could keep reading – which to me is a bloody good sign. Wilby has a strong assured voice and was able to balance personal soul searching alongside looking at the romantic and sexual landscape of the 21st century. Even if you’ve not asked yourself the question of whether monogamy is alive and kicking, this is well worth having a read.

Reviewed by Sarah Browne

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