Interview: Scott Le Crass

Scott Le Crass is a director and writer and will be concluding a busy and successful year with A Curmudgeon’s Guide to Round Robin Christmas Letters at The Hope Theatre, London, from 5th-23rd December. We caught up with him to find out a little bit more about this production.

(Interview © Amie Taylor and Scott Le Crass 2017)

AT: Hi Scott, to start with, please can you tell us a little about you and how you came to work in the arts…

SLC: I acted as a hobby from a young age and it was something I really enjoyed. When it came to making that decision about to do after college, I was certain that I wanted to be in the arts, so I went to drama school to train as an actors. Several years after graduating, I started to dabble with directing and discovered that I enjoyed that more then acting.

AT. What kind of theatre are you keen to make?

SLC: I like to make theatre that focuses on unheard or lesser heard voices. I like stories and plays that have sincerity and humanity at their heart as well as rich dialogue. I’m also very interested in what the relationship and connection is to the audience in relation to the piece.

AT: Tell us about your next piece, A Curmudgeon’s Guide to Round Robin Christmas Letters?

SLC: The show is an adaptation from a book by the late Simon Hoggart. It’s a collection of Round Robin letters that are brimming with oversharing and smugness. Some are bizarre, some are dreary and some are very moving.

The letters are brought to life and told through the eyes of a lesbian couple over one evening whilst they have guests over.

Through the evening as well as learning about the people in the couples lives, we also understand more about their relationship with each other and the year that has past for them.

AT: Why this piece and why now?

I’ve always liked the idea of directing an alternative Christmas production and an opportunity came up to present it at The Hope Theatre, so I thought I should take it.

AT: What do you hope audiences will take away from watching?

SLC: I’d like audience to leave without a Curmudgeonly feeling. To enjoy the festive season in whatever they see fit. I also hope that they might think are reconnecting with those they have lost touch with over the years.

AT: What’s next for you?

SLC: I have a few projects lined up, but they haven’t been announced yet, so I can’t say too much.

AT: What would be your dream production to work on?

SLC: That’s a big question. I have lots of plays I’d like to work on, so it’s quite a long wish list.

Runs from the 5th – 23rd December at The Hope Theatre, Highbury and Islington / Angel (London) – Book Now

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