Review: Lucy McCormick: Triple Threat

On at The Soho Theatre until 16th December 2017

I once heard Lucy McCormick described as the most fearless performer out there.  She is, but alongside the fearlessness there’s an incredible amount of talent, skill and comic timing.  Mix all of these together and you have a show quite unlike anything else currently out there.

Using bible stories as a starting point and split in to three acts, McCormick sets out to tell the New Testament in an hour, playing all of the parts herself.  There’s nudity, dildos, dance routines, coffee granules, meringues, snogging and frankfurters. It’s possibly the messiest show I’ve ever seen, but through the recklessness of the mess, themes of guilt, betrayal, love, lust, grief and death come trampling through – LIFE IS MESSY!

McCormick gives us the illusion that the show is a little impromptu and improvised, she nails the insecurity, so much so that when the company burst in to perfectly formed dance routines, or she sings (incredibly), only then do you remember she’s an absolute pro.  We are with her every step of the way. And there’s something about her character, occasionally a little bumbling as she works her way through the story (‘practising’ audience participation between the acts) that is so relatable, it makes us side with her even more (if that’s possible).

A mention must go to her Girl Squad (Sam and Ted) – incredible dancers, not afraid to get messy and willing to skilfully jump in to any role at any time. An interesting thing about McCormick’s show is that it was originally made to be performed in night clubs, this translates to the stage, bringing an air of celebration and party.  It’s a rip-roaring, queer delight. You leave feeling uplifted, a little speechless and ready to celebrate life.

If I could watch this again tonight, I would.  And you can – it’s on until Saturday.

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© Amie Taylor 2017


Lucy McCormick Production Photos Photo Credit: The Other Richard

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