Review: The Break-Up Monologues

RichMix, Shoreditch

I entered Rich Mix in Shoreditch late and annoyed, as with most weekends the worst enemy of my social life: TFL had struck again. As soon as they opened the doors of Venue 2 at Rich Mix, where broadcaster Rosie Wilby was performing, I noticed two things: I wasn’t sneaking in unnoticed, as weren’t other women coming in later than me; Rosie was making jokes about us; and secondly, it was not going to be a normal stand up show, because the audience kept on laughing at each other; I saw that interaction was going to be a great part of the night.  After 10 minutes my girlfriend and I were thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere.

Curiosity, love, troubles, we were all laughing at everything that made us linked with each other: women! All over the room, women of all ages were laughing with their own kind of laugh, with their own kind of friends or their own kind of solitude, openly enjoying the jokes about how crazy we can all be, as dumpers and dumped. Rosie started reading some pages from her book “Is Monogamy Dead?”, which made me consider buying it for Kindle there and then, and also whether I would be as funny reading it as she was.

It was time for the guests: Sarah Keyworth, VG Lee and Elf Lyons, who was shortlisted for Best Show Award at Edinburgh Fringe 2017. They represented a range different lesbian stereotypes within their work: the young lesbian, always chasing troubles and straight girls; the older lesbian, which instead of frequenting bridge clubs insists on lesbian disco nights in the local pub on the south coast; and lastly, the sharp bisexual, who’s a born dumper and addresses her acidity to the firm and simple belief that she’s just insane.

It was a show I’d want to be a part of again the day after! Rosie thoroughly got me, she’s just a funny women, one you’d really want as a friend and one of the few comedians that makes you laugh for real. What a great Friday evening.

Review L.S 2018

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