Review: Queen C*nt: Sacred or Profane?

The Camden People’s Theatre

It was fabulous to head down to the Camden People’s Theatre ‘Calm Down Dear’ Festival on Sunday evening – the highlight of any feminists theatrical year, and Queen C*nt: Sacred or Profane? certainly ticks more than a few feminist boxes.

Keeping up to the moment with current conversations on feminism, Deborah Antoinette and China Blue Fish have created a queerly delightful sketch show that packs a political punch, featuring a host of delightful characters. From an alcoholic Virgin Mary, to Frieda Kahlo, to Theresa May, to Lola –  the plastic surgery clown.

Deborah and China are incredibly versatile performers and jump between characters so remarkably, that in hindsight it felt like watching a company of ten, rather than just two. They are skilled in walking the line between comedy and the political – suddenly spinning something that had been funny in to a stab of something more serious, or more poignant or close to the bone. For me Lola is a highlight of the show – pumped up lips and giant eyelashes, with four boobs (pitying the women in the audience with only two), she’s everything a clowning act should be. As is the Theresa May character – grotesque, yet somehow frighteningly like the Prime Minister,  there’s something deeply uncomfortable about the way she sexualises fracking, yet it’s also hilarious – laughs all round. Another favourite was Burt the Drag King, who ruminates over the phrase ‘grow a pair’ talking about how pussies are more robust – it’s undeniably refreshing to hear this coming from a male presenting character.

The show plays in the foreground of the backdrop – a huge c*nt, designed by Rose Popay.  During the scene changes they project Big Clit on to the backdrop; played by Naomi Smyth; a wickedly funny performer, her repertoire of facial expressions, noises and quips frequently had us in hysterics.

Another mention must go to Maeve Bell, who doubles up as the stage manager and Little Clit. Visually hilarious and a devilishly brilliant performer – a clown through and through, I would have loved to have seen a bit more of her throughout.

The show ends wildly and brilliantly with singing and squirting; I found my self squealing, laughing, absolutely soaked and on a high. All in all a fabulous and thought provoking evening of feminism, presented by an array of funny, alarming, sometimes relatable and always memorable characters.

© Amie Taylor 2018

Upcoming Performances:


Friday 9th February @ 8:30pm & Saturday 10th February @ 7pm
Tickets: £12/10 Box office: 01392 434169

More Info –

THE CUBE, Bristol

Friday 2nd March @ 8pm & Saturday 3rd March @ 2:30pm
Tickets: £12/10 Box office: 0117 907 4190

More Info:


Watch QC Trailer Here

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