Afternoon Play readings at Omnibus Theatre

Omnibus Theatre, Sat 10th Feb, 1pm-6pm

Free to attend

We have teamed up with independent producer Ellie Keel to curate an afternoon of informal play readings at Omnibus Theatre as part of their 96 Festival. To celebrate LGBT+ history month we have gathered 4 LGBT+ narratives / pieces written by LGBT+ writers in their early stages of development to put in front of an audience at Omnibus Theatre.

Each reading will be followed by a discussion of the piece with the writer, this will support their further development of the piece, and allow them to ask any questions they may have of the audience on how the work has been received.

The event runs from 1pm-6pm and is divided in to two parts (so join for some or all). We anticipate that playreadings will be finished by 5.15pm, followed by 45 minutes of informal conversation in the bar and an opportunity to continue discussions with the writers / performers.

More info / booking:

Part 1 (1pm)


Written by Hannah Greenstreet, Directed by Charlotte Vickers

Andromeda is a lesbian rom-com adaptation of a Greek tragedy that’s not a tragedy.

In our version of Andromeda (a loose ‘after Euripides’ rather than an adaptation), Andi meets Percy outside a gay bar and there’s a spark between them. Although in a heterosexual relationship, Andi gains the confidence to explore aspects of herself and her sexuality that she has repressed.


By Annie Fox

‘Troll’ is part of a trilogy called Crone/Damsel/Troll which uses fairy tale concepts to explore contemporary social issues. Each allows a complex, flawed female voice to tell her story uninterrupted. ‘Troll’ explores obsessive mothering, menopause and baking.

Part 2 (3.15pm) 

I Promise Tomorrow I’ll Forget Where I Buried It 

Written by Hal Coarse, Performed by Phoebe Hames

‘And there are others – plenty of others like you who worry about the future.’ 

Tomorrow, somewhere. A young couple about to argue. A woman in a hotel room called Nina. A man in a penthouse apartment called Oscar. And a girl watching through a hole in her garden she calls tomorrow. Her name is Cass. 

A new monologue about the things we do to keep tomorrow away. 

Written by Sophie Swithinbank

Bacon follows the story of Mark, who runs a cafe in London. One day a strangely familiar customer walks in and Mark is faced with a reminder of his dark past. 

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