Series Review: Reel Good Film Club Present: Cakes & Candles + Zine Workshop


Cakes & Candles follows three queer friends, in a web series where each episode celebrates a character’s birthday. It has the addictive feeling of Skins mixed with the close-knit friendships of Broad City – and it’s something that I’m really excited to see more of.

The first episode gave us a peek at one of the character’s birthday parties. Dee’s shy and introverted – and struggles to navigate the party after her sister invites way too many guests. It gave a hint of what’s to come – three close-knit friends (the sort of friendships you can really invest in) exploring themes of sexuality, gender and race. Even better, it’s beautifully shot and edited – and a pleasure to watch.

Following this, the cast did a reading of episode 2 – and it feels as though they’re on to something that’s going to be well worth watching. The show runners, Julia and Nicky, met at university – and wanted to create a series that was diverse in every sense and could reach as many people as possible. They felt as though representation needs to be more than just a box ticking exercise – only featuring “one lesbian and one black person”. Impressively, they put the time and effort in to casting diversely for their roles and their cast really believe in what the show stands for.

Where it feels like television is making slow progress – it’s really exciting to see a piece of work that represents the LGBTQ community so thoroughly and tells the stories that we’ve definitely been missing. This show is certainly one to watch, and will be online next Sunday.

Follow them at:@kkcandlesseries to find out more or check out the trailer.
Review © M. Holland 2018
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