Article: Here’s something new from us – Holiday and Hotel Reviews

So here’s a new thing we’re going to start doing on the website. Holiday and accommodation reviews.

I was having a conversation with a friend recently about travelling abroad.  I was saying how we’d looked in to going to Malaysia this year, but when I checked their attitude to LGBT+ relationships, I changed my mind, as their track record on LGBT+ rights isn’t great and you can still be prosecuted there and just last year the Pride march was cancelled as a result of pressure from certain groups. She was surprised that this was something I have to do before going on holiday, but of course, for many of us – it’s one of the first things we check.

Generally travelling around Europe, and parts of America / Asia it is absolutely fine, but there can still be seemingly small incidents that can affect the enjoyment of a holiday.  Every time I book a holiday there’s always that niggle in the back of my head, are they going to check then double check that my partner and I are ABSOLUTELY sure we want a double room?  Are we greeted by his and hers towelling robes and flip flops on arrival?  Are we constantly referred to as ‘friends’, even after correcting people several times?

So, in order to help out a bit I’m sticking a new section on the website. Places we’ve been and have had absolutely no issue with being a same sex couple, some places run by LGBT+ management and others that are just super lovely and inclusive. So that next time you’re going on a break with someone completely awesome – or if you’re heading off on a solo adventure and want to find somewhere super inclusive, you can head off and enjoy, without having any niggles.

I’ll do my best to include a number of places to suit all budgets, UK and further afield, with. And if you’ve been somewhere that you think deserves a mention, drop me a line and we’ll include it on the website.

I’ll be writing this from my experience as a cis woman in a same sex relationship, but will always aim to remain mindful of the entire community in the blog.

So keep an eye out for a new section on the website and Happy Holidays my darlings!

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