Coming up: Bechdel Theatre Fundraiser

Wed 4th July, 7pm

Bechdel Theatre, the campaign which uses the Bechdel test to highlight gender representation on stage, are holding a one-off drag and cabaret night on July 4th at Styx Bar in Tottenham Hale.

In a night that will centre around Drag Kings, rather than Queens, Bechdel Theatre will celebrate their gender-blurring cabaret heroes. They’ll be welcoming to the stage some of their favourite star acts alongside some brand new ones, including recent graduates of Soho Theatre’s Cabaret & Drag Lab and Pecs Drag Camp, all performing to raise funds for their annual trip to Edinburgh Fringe.

The duo behind Bechdel Theatre are Beth Watson and Pippa Sa. They said: “We’re looking forward to throwing an ultra-queer party during London’s Pride Week. We’re also excited to use an evening of joyous revelry to introduce theatre audiences who may not have experienced drag beyond conventionally commercial Queens to an art form that is filled with liberation, lust, political immediacy, and raw creativity.”
The evening is titled ‘Drag To Watch Out For’ in a tribute to their hero, Alison Bechdel, whose famous comic strip ‘Dykes To Watch Out For’ (from which the test originates) features a character who regularly performs as a Drag King.

All proceeds from the event will go towards producing Bechdel Theatre’s famous stickers which allow productions at crowded Theatre festivals to identify on their posters when they pass the Bechdel test, and the Bechdel Theatre Podcast which amplifies under-represented voices in theatre. They hope to raise £2000 to pay for their annual Fringe campaign which helps feminist audiences to find the shows that they want to see and support.
Tickets are on sale now (on a Pay What You Can Afford sliding scale)

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