Review: The Vaults presents Sounds and Sorcery celebrating Disney Fantasia

The Vaults, London until 30th September
“This summer, the exciting underground world of The Vaults presents Sounds and Sorcery, a new immersive music concert experience, inspired by Disney Fantasia.”

This event has been described as one of the must see productions of this summer, and in my opinion, this description doesn’t do it justice. Entering the Vaults on a balmy summer’s evening turned quickly into one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

From the moment you enter, you are immersed into a fairytale. The space encapsulates the magic of the first time you ever saw a Disney movie. It takes you straight back to your childhood. At each turn is a new adventure, a new performance, a new sense inspired. The music of Fantasia comes to life in more memorable ways than ever before. The pieces themselves are of course famous in their own right. They’re pieces that you’ve heard time and again, from Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor to The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky, they’ve been in television shows, adverts and played over speakers at underground stations during rush hour. However, on this night, it feels like you are hearing each piece with a fresh ear, as if you’ve never heard the notes before. Never visualized in such an inventive fashion, the creative team breathes new life into this Disney classic, with hints of cabaret and burlesque touches that add a sense of glamour and occasion. I swear it’s not just the cocktails talking, although for those inclined, the evening wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the bar. The bartenders perform a magic show in front of your eyes, creating colour changing G&T’s, shimmering and sparkling cocktails and more besides.

I would love to reveal more details of the performance and of the space itself, but feel it might ruin that perfect moment of reception. Therefore I instead urge everyone, young and old, to escape and step into a new world for one night.

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© Natasha Elliot 2018


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