Review: S/he/it Happens

The Camden Fringe 31st July – 3rd August

Let me say right away, I’ve seen this show before at the Wandsworth Fringe Festival. When LGBTQ Arts asked me to review the show in Camden I looked forward to seeing it again and I wasn’t disappointed. Miranda Porter uses physical comedy to highlight the issue of gender identity and expression. As a Trans person, I connect with this piece emotionally and identify with the feelings of dysphoria. I love the way the audience is made to feel some of that discomfort as Miranda’s nameless character seeks ingenious ways to address their feelings.

They say very little, but Miranda successfully carries the audience along with a mischievous glint in their eye and playful interaction interspersed between the physical comedy of the piece. Slowly, we’re introduced to their wish to express themselves differently, before revealing a poster of a well-toned masculine body in boxer shorts and indicating they want to emulate that look by stripping down to the very same boxers. What ensues is a succession of attempts to hide their breasts using various items around the office, some causing cries of audience discomfort. I won’t spoil the fun by saying what those items are. You’ll have to see the show when you get the chance.

This was the better of the two performances I’ve seen. The show seemed stronger and Miranda more comfortable in their role. Each performance has a uniqueness that adapts to the site and audience. The Etcetera is better suited to this production. Miranda has the space to perform and to encourage audience participation. The tiered seating ensures  a better audience view of what’s happening too. A Cis friend said alongside the issues of dysphoria there are undertones of patriarchal office politics and expectations on women and non-binary people. I highly recommend seeing this show when you can.

© Grace J 2018

This production has now finished, but follow @S_he_itHappens on Twitter for updates of future performances.

Sheit Happens Photo (credit Alice Leclerc)

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