Q and A with Glamrou

“After a sell-out global pop tour that came to an earth-shattering finale in Edinburgh last year – Denim broke up. Humanity has been in mourning. But now, through pop, laughter and love, these five queens will reunite for one night only. All month.” We caught up with Glamrou, one of the Queens, who tells us all about this fabulous reunion tour.

1. Tell us a little about DENIM, The Reunion Tour coming to the Fringe this year…
Well, after global stadium tour success last year, the fame completely tore us apart, and we broke up. A year on, we reunited stronger and weaker than ever. Get ready for a pop tour that reveals every truth and artifice you’ve been searching for.

2. What inspired you to make this piece?
The fan meltdown that ensued after we broke up caused unprecedented records of global devastation. We are doing this show for them.

3. What can audiences expect if they come?
If they don’t pass out, then they can except to scream in euphoria as we sing, dance, and make them laugh with drag iconographic revelry.

4. Why is this show important for now?
We are a girlband that believes drag is about collectivity and unity, not capitalist of models of “winning” that is everywhere on RuPaul’s Drag Race. We want to use drag to celebrate the power of collectivity and solidarity through difference and diversity.

5. Describe the show in 5 words:
Delusional. Pragmatic. Hilarious. Tragic. Euphoric.

Denim: The Reunion Tour will be on at Assembly George Square Gardens (3), 22:30, August 8th-26th (Not performing 13th / 25th)  Book now.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 18.30.28.png

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