Review: Kemah Bob presents: Bob and Buds on the Fringe App

Bish and Bob
When you go and see Bob, you’re welcomed into the room with a “welcome to the party!” and that’s exactly what the show feels like. I’ve certainly never left a queer party without a stranger yelling “and here’s my fucked up childhood” and telling me their tragic (and tragically relatable) backstory. Bob and Buds is stand up that has the wondrously powerful ability to make you feel like you’ve been buds with Kemah for years.
Bob and Buds has two sets, with Bob’s guest Bud first, then Kemah herself second. The night I went, Kemah’s bud was Sameena Zehra. To start, the dynamic between them seemed very much tempered by a difference in age, but the obvious respect between them was immediate, and both very much warmed up as they laughed their way through each other’s shows.
Behind me was sat an entire row of white men, before me a row of caucasian sisters. It won’t shock you to learn these demographics were the targets of both women’s comedy. Through the show, I found myself fixating on the opinions of those who surrounded me, disappointed when a joke didn’t land, pleased when it did. I then realised exactly what I was doing: prioritising their experience over mine.
It was Kemah and Sameena’s comedy that made me make the radical decision to be like one of my white male friends: to be an ‘obnoxious laugher.’ When I found something funny, I found that the room gave myself permission to laugh. Bob and her bud were filled with such confidence and overwhelming power that I felt comfortable to laugh; a hard feat to achieve as the usual (intersectional) target at a stand-up night. I laughed hard, many times, and I was still grinning as I left.
It’s not rare to be the only PoC in an audience at the fringe: I’ve certainly already been it, so I’d like to say that I hope Kemah’s theory of PoC gravity works with this show… but also that those of you who aren’t spend some good old White Guilt cash at this particular PWYW.
© N Martin 2018
Bar 50, 19:15, Running from 2nd – 26th August (Not the 15th) More info
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