Review: The B in The Room

Edinburgh Fringe
Paradise in The Vault 10th-11th August

The B in the Room is, put simply, a superb piece of storytelling with talented young actors and genuinely laugh out loud moments. It is a two-hander, following a schoolboy and a young woman through their first forays into discovering their bisexuality: but it does not make the mistake of preaching to the choir.

While The B in the Room contains nothing earth-shatteringly new, especially its themes of religion and homophobia, the fact that it isn’t trying to break The Mould Of Theatre is almost more refreshing. Bisexuality is an identity that is so often sensationalised, and it was really pleasing to see our protagonists’ identities so normalised: woven neatly into woes about distancing friendships, talking to cute girls in coffee shops and ‘passing’ your first dates without dying of embarrassment.

As with most things, bisexuality is not a singular experience, and the choice to have both characters identify as bisexual was clever. Too often, a solitary queer character is left on stage, having to rail against ‘the norm’ by themself. To have two bisexual characters standing in solidarity even when seemingly alone was a powerful and impressively subtle ‘you are not alone’, as well as allowing for a much quicker plot, not weighed down with having to watch an external bigot catch up with us.

The B in the Room is a strong hour-length play with a good story and two well-fleshed out, loveable characters, which is certainly a rarity at the Fringe.
© N.Martin 2018
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