Review: A Clown Show About Rain

Edinburgh Fringe
The Pleasance Dome (33) 13:40, until 27th Aug (Not 20th)

A Clown Show About Rain is a hilarious and beautiful piece that will leave you torn between laughing and reflecting with its perfect balance between silly and meaningful theatre.

Forth, Cromarty and Dogger are all at sea, struggling against a storm and a number of leaks that keep appearing in the boat. They’re thrown all over the place in comical, fast paced scenes that keep the audience enraptured. Meanwhile, two clowns sit and listen to the shipping forecast while arguing over sandwiches.

There’s a real joy in the skits the clowns perform – one moment focused on physical theatre as they’re blown back and forth across the stage, attempting to hold their arms and legs still against the gale – the next miming to old adverts and songs on the radio. It’s wonderful watching the companionship between the characters, as they share a good brew together or sunbathe underneath the stage lights. It’s clowning like you haven’t seen it before – deft physical theatre, expressive faces and a real sense of purpose throughout the piece.

Although the clowning is fun and whimsical, the show has real heart – observing and diffusing the unpredictable nature of mental health. As the clowns struggle against the storm, it’s clear that this is reminiscent of dealing with mental health – and as this sunk in throughout the play, it became more emotional, the funny scenes more meaningful. At its heart, A Clown Show About Rain feels as though it’s about the struggle of coping, of learning to share with others and the joy you can find in the day to day – even if you’re going through difficulty. The show supports Rethink Mental Illness – and it’s exciting to see a show partnering with a charity, giving the audience a chance to contribute to their collection when they show ends.

This show will bring you hope and love and stay with you for days to come – with its thoughtfulness, laughter (and a free cup of tea if you’re lucky!) – it’s well worth a watch.

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©Megan Holland 2018

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