Review: Bottom

By Willy Hudson
At The Edinburgh Fringe
Summerhall (26), 16:25, until 26th August (Not 20th)

From the moment Will steps on stage in nothing but a towel, you can’t help but feel as though Bottom is going to be a little bit cheeky and a whole lot of honest. He’s quick to change into an excellent outfit, equipped with a Beyoncé t-shirt (of course) and after pulling together a dance number, you’ll feel right on board and ready to listen to his story.

Beginning with Will locked in his bathroom during a distressing third date, Willy asks: are you a top or a bottom? This play is a queer coming-of-age remix that deals with sexuality, the pressure of defining your sexuality – and a Beyoncé fix that will get you through the rest of your time at the Fringe.

This one-man show should be commended for the vulnerability and honesty Willy shows – whether speaking about his experience of being queer, or the pressure of choosing between being a top or a bottom and how it can define a relationship before it even begins.

The fact that these hard hitting truths can be mixed with a whole lot of fun is testament to Will’s character – he’s able to go from sharing and exposing himself in one moment, to playing his bright pink Ukulele and singing about Tinder the next. He’s charming, smiley and the play is a bit like having a good long chat with him.

As part of the audience, you’ll find yourself with a real idea of what it’s like to be queer – and living in London – and working a whole lot of jobs to get by. It’s poignant and easy to relate to – the struggle of identity, the secret rules that exist within queer relationship. It’s certainly something that resonated with me throughout.

A brilliant show that balances comedy and honesty with just the right amount of each.

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Interview © Megan Holland 2018

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