Review: Dragprov

Edinburgh Fringe
Sweet Novotel (188), 22:00 until 26th Aug

Dragprov Revue is an improvised drag show, a Drag King and Queen duo crafting their backstory (childhood, fears and love,) with the assistance of audience suggestion and through the medium of song. Christian Adore and Eaton Messe are reminiscent of early Hollywood or West End stars, part haughty derision, part lovable charm – both made ridiculous by impromptu white-boy style rap.

Eaton and Christian are great comic characters with a natural sense of banter, and their performers Francesca Forristal and Ed Scrivens are super talented singers. The day I watched, the pair managed to segue from nearly corpsing over a truly ridiculous audience suggestion to an emotional, radio-ready love song.

Dragprov certainly feels more amateurish than some of the bigger Drag Shows at the Fringe, but there is definitely something to be said about that – a celebration of Hot Mess that is tailored to the audience of the night. Their accompanying improv pianist had an excellent sense of timing, riffing off the pair with a face of sheer delight whenever he managed to get where they were going before they got there.

Before I saw Dragprov Revue perform, I overheard the pair talking about their set, and how they wanted to optimise their show to attract ‘white girls who love Ru Paul’. The two white girls who love Ru Paul with me at the time thought this hilarious – unwittingly still falling into the trap being laid. Drag tends to attract audiences of the self-professed woke, and while this show isn’t genre-breaking quite yet, I do get the feeling that Dragprov are making a solid attempt to diversify from shows where every beat is delivered to an audience chorus of ‘yas Queen’.

© Nemo Martin 2018

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