Review: Yana Alana: Between The Cracks

The Soho Theatre, London, until 8th Sept 2018

Yann Alana isn’t lying in her show when she says she only has 247 (ish) Twitter followers – and I’m utterly curious to know why, because her performance is one that warrants hundreds – no – thousands cueing up to belong to her fandom.

Peppered with surprise moments that catch you off guard from the very beginning, I can’t possibly describe them to you here, because any spoilers would take away the excitement of experiencing it unknowingly for the first time. All I will say is that there is full frontal nudity and it’s genius, there are songs and they’re outrageous, and there are some accurate truths which will make you laugh and squirm simultaneously.

For those of you that hate audience participation, there is some, but relatively safely so, and as Yana Alana is the true narcissist she promises to be, she doesn’t allow the spotlight to stray away from her for too long. As a performer she’s hugely engaging, possessing that rare quality of making you feel like she’s noticed you in amongst the crowd and that you’ve had a fleeting, but remarkable connection, it’s not something one always feels, and is magical when it happens.

Also a big shoutout to and Bec Matthews and Louise Goh – Yana’s two piece band – they have a small acting cameo, which they play brilliantly, but alongside that perform the pieces they have co-composed with gusto and delight.

Yana Alana toys with the political and other current issues, such as mental health, but in a jovial and lighthearted manner, without losing the impact of her message. So often theatre and performance preach to the converted, where as Yana acknowledges her largely left wing, open minded audience and has made a piece that’s refreshingly delightful in its approach to all of these topics.

The songs are wonderful, from her opening number ‘I’m Blue’ which had me grinning from the get-go; to a firm favourite of mine: ‘Your sexuality ain’t your identity’, with everything else following closely in 2nd place: I want to own the soundtrack to this show!

It’s on in London for a couple more days, and I urge you to get along to it if you can, and if you can’t, please, please follow @YanaAlanaBanana on Twitter- she deserves more followers!

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© Amie Taylor 2018

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