Q and A with Sarah Keyworth

Sarah Keyworth comes to The Soho Theatre this month, with her show Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse – a story about her life, an important little girl and her battle against every expectation of what being a girl means. We sent some questions over to Sarah this week to find out a little more about her and this show.

What was your journey in to becoming a comedian? And what drew you to comedy in the first place?

I mostly started doing comedy at University. I met a bunch of other students who were doing it and it was a really nice environment to try and fail at being funny over and over again.

Tell us a little about Dark Horse and where the inspiration for it came from…

Dark Horse is about how we raise children, specifically girls, with very rigid expectations. It’s about how I never understood or manage to meet those expectations and about a little girl I have in my life now who is also finding them challenging. It’s also funny. I should stress that.

What do you hope audiences will take away from watching?

I hope they have a good time! And maybe think a little more carefully about why we expect what we expect based on gender… if they haven’t already before!

We have heard a lot over recent years around the difficulties female comedians face, particularly when it comes to the programming of larger events we often see a lack of women’s voices, do you feel any change on this from within the scene, are people becoming more aware?

I think the issue of female representation is relevant is almost every industry at the moment. I do think it’s changing for the better. There are some incredible comedy bookers and promoters who just know good comedians when they see them, regardless of gender.

Who are your favourite LGBT+ voices in comedy?

Zoe Lyons, Jen Brister, Chloe Petts, Joe Sutherland, Shelf, Tig Notaro… I mean the list is endless. We’re very good at comedy us queers.

Following your run at The Soho Theatre, where can we see you next?

I’m taking my show on tour! And writing a new one! I’m at the 99 Club in Leicester Sq every Tuesday night and I post all of my gigs on social media @sarahkcomedy and on my website http://www.sarahkeyworth.co.uk.

Sarah’s show, Dark Horse, will run at the Soho Theatre, 28th Jan – 2nd Feb 2019.  Book now. 

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