Review: The Hidden Pin Up

Presented bt The House of Ghetto and Gemma Parker Art, HOME, Manchester
This performance has now closed

The Hidden Pin Up is a moving and intimate spoken word and dance piece that was showing as part of Push Festival at HOME in Manchester.

The piece was created collaboratively following research around the fetishization of the black female body in pin ups from the mid-20th century and observing the language used and erasure of identity. Taking this initial inspiration, artist Gemma Parker and House of Ghetto teamed up to explore the legacy of racial stereotypes still found in modern life.

These conversations informed the content for The Hidden Pin Up, which is presented through a mixture of dance and spoken word. The piece focuses around a young woman dancing while she is constantly questioned and held under scrutiny: ‘I’m not really into black girls but-’, ‘will you date me?’. The relentless questioning, mixed with expressive dance makes for a political piece that’s impactful and powerful.

At ten minutes long, this piece was a refreshing and challenging experience and well worth a watch if you get a chance. I’d certainly be interested in seeing where it ends up in the future.

© M. Holland 2019

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 08.31.31.png

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