Review: Fatty Fat Fat

Vault Festival, London until 3rd Feb 2019

In this one-woman show Katie Greenall gives us a painfully honest account of living in her body, dancing under a set of shiny ‘Fat’ balloons and pulling her props out of a fridge that looks like it has been decorated by the designer of The Generation Game, this show doesn’t shy away from the bad bits but also shows us that it doesn’t mean doom.

Katie Greenall’s show starts off with her relentlessly doing the Cha Cha Slide as the audience mill in. From there she seamlessly swings between anecdotes from her life where weight and appearance has caused problems, hyper-active interactive scenes where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry and beautifully written heartfelt monologues exploring the deeper emotions that run under all of these moments. This carousel of entertainment pulls you between the pain and joy of Katie’s character.

You believe and listen to all of this thanks to the energetic and honest performance from Katie and the beautiful simplicity of her script, all getting tied together from the Madelaine Moore’s graceful direction which gives each segment a different feel, like you are sorting through a Quality Street box of stories.

It is wonderful to see shows like this that give us such honesty about a slightly taboo topic that affects so many. For anyone who has dealt with issues around their weight it should make you feel less alone, and for those that haven’t hopefully it will make you think about how we can treat each other.

Fatty Fat Fat excels in giving us such a balanced story of Katie’s relationship with her body, which leaves you not feeling just sad or happy but filled with warmth that this has been shared with you, happy that you are not alone in those difficult changing room movements and sad that people will still cast judgements, but hopefully not for long if everyone sees this show.

© Dan Ramsden – 2019 – @DanielRamsdenFL

This show is at Vault Festival until 3rd Feb, book now. 

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