Review: No Kids

By Ad Infinitum
At Battersea Arts Centre, London

Real life partners and theatre company founders Nir and George showcase their own hopes and fears on the possibility of bringing a child into their world, using Madonna Dance routines, scientific facts and a ghost baby.

Over 70 minutes Nir and George dance us through the conflicting views of having a kid. From the real and fantastical means they could get a child, their contrasting wants, what their childhoods were like and what society and science might say. The performers manage to lift the audience to the dizzying high hopes of what could be and then drag us in to the cold harsh fears that lurk as well. Whilst there are so many ideas explored at the end it still feels like one couples’ experience of it, leaving a slightly open end that this conversation will never really end.

For a production entitled ‘No Kids’ the design and direction seem to showcase all the joy of youth, with all the set markings on the floor made with tape coloured by a primary school art palette, the rainbow costume rails filled with a family wardrobe, and the constant dance routines that feel inspired by playground-rehearsed ones. This is all kept afloat with energetic performances from Gorge Mann and Nir Paldi, whilst playing versions of themselves always seem to be having fun and between them give us a balance between showy and neurotic.

Ad Infinitum’s production is an entertaining yet honest way of exploring the issues that gay couples face when considering parenthood. Looking at concrete issues like science and climate alongside their personal thoughts and feelings. I would have liked to have seen more about more political and social pressures as this felt least touched, but maybe as it is their story it may not have been as important an issue for them., or they felt it was previously covered ground (at one point George screams out ‘We don’t need another coming out story’).

No Kids gives the audience a relatable discussion on possible parenthood. The show shows us both the light and the dark side that couples in this situation have to consider, but giving a restless upbeat spirit shows us there is no right answer and that in 12-year relationship they haven’t really come to a conclusion, and maybe they never will.

© Dan Ramsden – 2019 – @DanielRamsdenFL

This show is now touring, catch up with it in the UK this Spring.

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