Interview: Witt ‘n Camp

Witt ‘n Camp are coming to the Soho Theatre, London on the 16th-18th May this year. With musical theatre, clowning, character-comedy and cabaret – as well as promising ‘the classiest breastfeeding burlesque number you’ll ever see’, we just had to catch up with them to find out some more.  Here they answered an LGBTQ Arts Q&A to tell you all you need to know about their show.

Tell us a little about how Witt ‘n Camp came to be…

We discovered we were both dating the same guy… Seriously. We found it genuinely hysterical and we’ve been best mates ever since. That said, we never intended to become a double act. It was all a kind of happy accident.

We’ve lived together for years and would do all kinds of bat sh*t things to crack each other up. We were always laughing (christ, our neighbours hated us). One of our ‘bits’ was fake opera singing – a ridiculous, silly thing to do – but the sport of trying to out-do one another while turning hip hop songs into opera amused us no end.

We performed a number on a variety show one night and were pleasantly stunned that other people found it funny too. After that Howitt and Campbell grew into Witt ‘n Camp.

2. What do you aim to achieve for your work?

We want our work to provide some sweet escapism from the god-damn horror show that is 2019. We love music, silliness, joy and bringing audiences together for good old belly laugh. We love exploring sexuality but also the comedy that can be found in not taking it all so seriously. As female artists, we love messing with expectations – one minute may be sexy but the next ugly as hell.

3. What can we expect if we come to see your show at The Soho Theatre?

A joyful whirlwind of musical comedy, character stand-up, theatrical cabaret and feminist burlesque. Expect to laugh.

4. What do you hope people will take away from watching? 

We want our audience to come away feeling sexy and silly and like you’ve bonded with the rest of the audience. To feel like you’ve all been part of a naughty little secret.

5. Where can we catch you over the next few months?

We’re on as part of the Pulse Festival Showcase on 31st May and working on some filming projects so follow us on social media to find out all the deets.  💋

Twitter: @wittncamp Facebook: /WittnCamp

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 17.53.48.png

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