Review: Witt n’ Camp

The Soho Theatre
This production has now closed.

Witt n’ Camp burst onto the stage in police uniform, making a little too much eye contact for comfort, and an hour of highly idiosyncratic comedy begins. The duo introduce us to a menagerie of characters, from battery hens bemoaning their dreary boyfriend to concert singers trapped in a souring partnership, all archly tongue in cheek.

The pair have strong chemistry with each other. It’s fantastic to see two uproariously funny women baring the full force of their personalities on stage (not to mention a fair amount of skin). They’re self-deprecating, lewd, and rarely more than five seconds from a smirk.

The real magic is how they invite us along with them. The Soho Theatre’s intimate stage leaves little room where a fourth wall can sit, and Witt n’ Camp take as much glee in crossing it as they do in crossing any other boundary. They hand a musical triangle to an audience member and instruct her to ding it at various points, weaving her name into their songs, and very few in the front row escape their seductive attentions.

The musical comedy is impressive, with perfect physical timing working alongside original songs and a well-curated soundtrack. Props and costumes are used well; a personal favourite is the box of eggs that’s used to unexpectedly steer the show into sly pro-choice satire.

As we move between scenes it’s not always clear what’s tying them together. It feels like a sketch show to start with, but as the separate stories develop the pair allow the boundaries to blur. At times this leaves us struggling to keep track of what we’re watching, but they quickly pull us back in with a joke.

As the show draws to a frenetic close, Witt n’ Camp are still full of the same boundless energy: hilarious, sexy and gloriously fun.

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© A. Lewis 2018

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