Series Review: Dragony Aunts

Comedy Central UK

Ever wondered what it would be like if advice columns were written by drag queens? Who better to help with a fashion faux pas, a dramatic break-up or friends throwing shade? That’s exactly what Comedy Central UK thought when it commissioned drag duo Crystal Rasmussen and Candy Warhol to create Dragony Aunts. This move also sees the channel investing in short form online content, as the series will launch on online platforms in bite-sized episodes of approximately 6 minutes. WithDragony Aunts, Comedy Central aims to inject a healthy dose of queer representation into its comedy repertoire, as well as supporting British and Irish drag queens in a world that is still dominated by American drag royalty.

The series has its first screening in a dolled-up Soho restaurant, complete with themed cake-pops, glittery tables and a giant fluffy swan. Its hosts welcome us with outfits to gag for, making all of us mortals feel thoroughly underdressed – but hey, they are the queens of this ball after all. After a short introduction by channel representatives, the first episode – featuring trans comedian Jordan Gray – makes its debut on a big screen. The concept is simple: guests come to the Dragony Auntswith a question or a problem, and the queens try their best (or their worst) to come up with answer or a solution. The chemistry between the queens is infectious: soon the entire room is laughing along with their sassy retorts and sometimes downright absurd advice. Six minutes fly by as Crystal and Candy fill them to the brim with cheeky asides, razor-sharp comebacks and enough tea to satisfy even The Queen herself. To tie things up, every episode ends with a custom musical number.

For all its silliness, there’s also some very touching moments in this short, but very sweet pilot. When discussing the confusion some folks have around trans and drag, Gray responds with “Drag is performance. For me the performance stopped when I became a woman and stopped having to pretend I was a man.”

Dragony Aunts launches the 5th July on Comedy Central UK. To support the series and its stars, follow @tomglitter and @candywarholqueen.

© Jeanne d’Hoog 2019


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