Q and A with Joe Sutherland

Here comes the first in a series of Ed Fringe Q and As, with a number of artists taking performances up to Edinburgh this year. We’re kicking off with the ever brilliant Joe Sutherland, following a successful and sell out run of Toxic at the Soho Theatre in April, he now heads to the Fringe with a brand  new show; Sour.

(Questions by Amie Taylor)

PBH’s Free Fringe at Banshee Labyrinth,
22:10, Aug 6th-25th (excluding 12th)

AT: Tell us a little about you as an artist and how you came to do what you do…

JS: I’m Joe Sutherland and I’m a comedian. I was inspired to try comedy when I read a quote from Cher which was  “Until you’re ready to look foolish, you’ll never have the possibility of being great”. So I booked myself in an open mic comedy gig. Because there’s nothing more foolish than that.

AT: Tell us about your show, what is it about…

JS: It’s about the return of a certain 90s pop group and everything that means to the world, or more specifically, me. What should we bring back from the past? And what should stay where it was?

AT: What inspired it?

JS: The gall of a certain former 5-piece embarking on a reunion tour.

AT: What do you hope people will take away from watching?

JS: Honestly I couldn’t try to dictate anyone’s takeaway. Chips or pizza, whatever you go for, it’s your choice in the end.

AT: Describe the show in 6 words…

JS: Hopefully a nice time for all.

AT: How are you feeling about embarking upon the Edinburgh Fringe? What are you hoping for?

JS: Just hoping to get through it. It’s my third show and I thought it would get easier but I can’t help but feel that was the naivety of youth. Not much of that left so I’ll enjoy it while I can.

Book now to see Sour. 


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