Q&A Plaster Cast Theatre

Plaster Cast Theatre are currently at the Ed Fringe with their show, Sound Cistem, which they describe as an ‘exuberant verbatim show about the cisgender gaze on the transgender body’. We ran a Q&A with them to find out more.

AT: Tell us a little about you and a company and how you came to do what you do…
PC: We are Plaster Cast Theatre, a collective of young creatives based in Manchester. We are passionate about making politically engaging theatre, and aim to represent a diverse range of perspectives.
AT: Tell us about your show, what is it about…
PC: Our show is Sound Cistem, a joyous verbatim show about the cisgender gaze on the transgender body. Featuring recorded interviews with trans and non-binary people, a self-love manifesto is made through a riotous, glittering disco. This duo keep moving to reject conformity and shame, despite the current ‘transgender debate’. Through groundbreaking physical theatre, Sound Cistem asks you to see the beauty in these bodies, and your own too.
AT: What inspired it?
Sound Cistem is inspired by the experiences of Lizzie and Ayden, the two performers, and the experiences of other trans/non-binary people they interviewed.
AT: What do you hope people will take away from watching?
PC: We hope that trans and queer audiences will find recognition and solidarity in Sound Cistem, and cisgender audiences will find it educational and humanising, enabling them to empathise with an experience they might not necessarily relate to. We think everyone, regardless of their gender identity and sexuality, can enjoy the queer dance party and original, innovative soundtrack!
AT: Describe the show in 6 words…
PC: Queer, celebratory, verbatim, humanising, radical, fun!
AT: What is your experience of the fringe so far?
PC: We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive experience at the Fringe so far- the love audiences of all descriptions have shown for Sound Cistem has been incredible. We are so excited to continue sharing this brilliant, fun and important show. 
Sound Cistem runs at The Edinburgh Fringe until 26th Aug at Zoo Fringe (V186) at 21:20. Book now.

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