Review: Chambers of Flavour

If you’re going on a hot-date and want to impress with a quirky and unique experience to remember, then Gingerline’s Chamber of Flavours, a multi-dimensional dining adventure, is probably the thing for you.

It’s hard to write a review for something I’m sworn to secrecy on, but if you’re a sucker for immersive experiences and organised fun, then you will likely love this, I had a fabulous time.  Moving through different rooms, spaces and dimensions, you will meet a number of bizarre characters, and sample some breathtaking cuisine. Don’t eat beforehand, you’ll be sufficiently fed en route. Be prepared to engage with a range of actors – there’s plenty of opportunity for chatting, and like it or not – you’re going to get involved (in a fun and memorable way.) And be prepared for anything.  I was relaying my adventure recently to someone a couple of decades older than myself, and they had to stop me halfway through to check if  I was telling them about something that actually happened or a dream I had – even as I write this review, my memory of it is that it was so kaleidoscopic and weird that I’m hoping it wasn’t just a dream, I could lose some serious reviewing cred for that…

At times the experience did feel a little like a mash of too many things: escape room AND immersive theatre AND dining experience all in one.  If anything, it didn’t need the escape room element, it was plenty without.

On a practical note, if you have access requirements you will need to relay these to Gingerline beforehand. This isn’t for the fussy eater, however – they cater for a range of dietary requirements and allergies, including vegans  – fab news for all you plant-based adventurers! I also recommend giving them a heads up if you’re alcohol free, and ask if you can have a tee total equivalent of the welcome cocktail.

Tickets are available at £55-£75, and if you choose to partake in some of their incredible cocktails, you’re looking at £100 per head for the evening – which may seem a lot, but if you compare it to the cost of a West End show, with dinner before and drinks, it probably comes in at about the same cost for the evening and you wouldn’t feel hard done by at the end of it.

As my plus-one pointed out, in 2019 there’s rarely immediate danger to be found in London – we’re talking lions, tiger and bears (oh my) so sometimes the need to experience a bit of faux-danger is entirely necessary – there is something quite hilarious about watching a group of grown adults buy in to the story that they are plummeting in to the centre of the earth to discover new flavours – ah humans. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a blast of an evening out and a good story to tell, Gingerline’s Chamber of Flavours will be right up your street.

Image © Emma Nathan

Find out when the next tickets for this experience are released and book here.




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