Q & A: Sophia O’Donohue

Sophia O’Donohue is currently rehearsing for Willow, on at The Bunker Theatre, London, this September, in which she plays Lottie. Willow takes a look at the fault lines in Lottie and her ex-girlfriend Gabi’s relationship, what caused the break-up and how it was different from the two perspectives. We caught up with Sophia this week to find out more.

Questions by Amie Taylor

AT: Tell us a little about you an actor and how you came to do what you do now?

SO: I’ve always been involved in performing arts, but lost my confidence as I progressed from a teenager into a young adult. However, it’s projects such as ‘Willow’ that have allowed me to grow as an actor since it’s a story I believe I can tell because of its honest and direct insight Into a relationship involving two women.

AT: You’re currently playing Lottie in Willow coming to the Bunker in Sept – what is it about?

SO: ‘Willow’ is essentially a recap of events, going from the start relationship to the breakup, however along the way Gabi and the audience discovers it’s not as one sided as she thinks. As the play progresses we start to see the other sides of a break up which are often left out.

AT: Why is this an important piece for 2019?

SO: I think a 2019 audience will be able to identify with it in many ways as it firstly offers to queer audiences a chance to feel as though their experiences and stories are being told. Also for non queer people, they are still able connect with the ups and downs of a relationship, showing the similarities within all relationships. And I guess in some ways ‘Willow’ brings separate social communities together.

AT: How is it going so far?

SO: We are having a lot of fun with looking at back-stories and the journeys in which these characters have made, that brought them up until the point in the play, which has really helped them feel like full rounded people that I could meet in real life.

AT: What are your favourite things about playing this character?

SO: Lottie has personally allowed me to think through things from someone else’s perspective. As well as this I think this relationship has made up a big part of this character’s life and we see Lottie come a long way, even if it isn’t entirely from her view point. But it has been enjoyable to communicate this moment in time in Lottie’s life to audiences.

AT: Have there been any challenges?

SO: For me, it has to be portraying Lottie’s Dad in the multi-rolling scene, for this character I’ve been watching a lot of Stephen Fry and Richard Hammond to be able to have down ‘dadish’ mannerisms!

AT: Describe the show in 6 words…

SO: Vital, frank, passionate, identifiable, funny and sadly-beautiful.

Willow will be on at The Bunker Theatre, London at 8.30pm on 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th September. Get your tickets here.

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