Review: No Place Like Home

By Alex Roberts
Camden People’s Theatre

Last week one of my best friends, Mario and I went to see No Place Like Home at Camden People’s Theatre and we have probably never made a better choice for our friendship.

Starting in a darkened theatre, mind-blowing visuals were projected while Alex Roberts danced on stage to stimulating techno music. The music lowered as he started rapping; telling a familiar story set in a club of the London gay scene and it was clear from the audience’s laughter that we agreed on how stereotypical our world can be. Mario and I turned to one another,  telepathically remembering that first time I took him to G-A-Y.

It was highly engaging; we were laughing and having fun, whilst Roberts surprised us with great poetry, depicting how the gay scene brings together with friendship, sex and love. Music, visuals and poetry, had us utterly hypnotised while Alex told a story that many of us could relate to, he couldn’t have captured it better; the story of every person that has experienced the London gay scene, merged with a bit of Whitney Houston, some amazing singing, so many surprises, it was both entertaining and  cinematographic.

I was completely amazed by Alex Robert’s singing talent, and as the story he told got deeper and deeper, I made a mental post-it note to Google him later. He depicted how fun it can be, how many friends you can make, the flirts and kisses, how much laughter and memories that gay London can give us, and how that all always comes at a price. The heartbreak, the loneliness, the tears, the search for fun that you had for years that slowly turns into realisation of a state of desperation and loneliness, desperate loneliness.

The way Alex described how desperation feels felt like a punch in the face; because the London gay scene is not just about finding flirts and company but the search for love and the search for a home. The story was strong, specific and surprised me from the start to it’s totally unexpected ending.

© Laura Di Stefano 2019

This production has now closed, but follow @roberts1_alex on Twitter for info on upcoming performances.

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