The Team


Amie Taylor – Editor The LGBTQ Arts Review

Reviewer – London

Amie is a writer and actor living in London.  She writes blogs, articles, plays, short stories and too many Facebook statuses.  She is especially keen to explore and write about gender and LGBT stereotypes, sexuality and gender inequality, but can also be found writing about more light-hearted stuff at

Other reviewers for our site include:  Naomi Paxton, Stephen Laughton, John Fitzpatrick, Clementine Mills, Janina Smith, Sarah Browne, Arif Adam, Alice Stringer, Natasha Elliot, Jezza Donovan, Daniel Farrell and Dan Ramsden.

All of our team are theatre professionals with an active interest in the arts. If you would like to become a reviewer please email Amie at expressing your interest, alongside a 500 word sample of your writing.  You do not need to identify as LGBTQ+ to write for us, though an interest and knowledge of LGBT+ issues is imperative.



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